Wednesday, May 15, 2013

GNIE: RN job search - Update 3

Update based on the grapevine, as of today: Of our cohort of 26 GNIE graduates who passed the CRNE (i.e. eligible for full practicing licence with the CRNBC), 13 (or 50%) have found Registered Nurse jobs.

Acute care: 5 (including 1 in private agency)
Residential care: 4
Home nursing: 4 (all in private agencies)

  1. The above data is amongst those that we know/hear from.
  2. Since some of the above are in casual or part-time jobs, some are holding more than one job. 
  3. In order to avoid double-counting of those who are holding more than 1 job, I have simply classified each person holding multiple jobs in only 1 of the following category (in order of decreasing priority): Acute care, Residential care, and Home nursing.

I am not amongst the lucky ones above, but I am still happy for those who are successful.

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