Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Watching B.C. provincial elections

I can't believe the I am staying up to follow the B.C. provincial elections. Until today, I had the "I am not a citizen" and therefore it is not my issue attitude (albeit I am aware of some of the local political issues discussed). But then logging onto Facebook this evening and watching my Canadian friends' Facebook comments about the election results as they unfold was rather interesting.

Still waiting for the final riding: Vancouver-Point Grey. It is an important one, given that it is the incumbent Premier Christy Clark (Liberal) vs David Eby (NDP, note: not NDP's leader). Interestingly, NDP is leading at this moment, but it is a close fight, pending 2 more polls' reports.
[For the Singaporeans reading this: Imagine PAP securing enough seats to form a majority government (i.e. more than 50% of the parliamentary seats), but PM LHL loses his seat to an opposition challenger (who is not even the leader of his/her opposition party).]

[Update on 15-May-2013 at 01:08AM based on Yahoo! News.]

NDP David Eby (10,162) won Liberal Christy Clark (9,377) by 785 votes at Vancouver-Point Grey. [Click here for the Metro news report.]

Hmm, is it time for a new Premier? Or will there be a by-election with Liberal represented by Christy Clark (e.g. via "resignation" of a lower-ranking Liberal MLA who won)?

B.C. (Canadian) politics is interesting indeed.

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