Sunday, July 14, 2013

GNIE: CRNE Results - 2nd cut

[Contents updated on 15-Jul-2013 at 21:10hr.]

As I've reported previously, 26/30 in my GNIE cohort passed their 1st attempt at the CRNE in Feb-2013. 4 failed and 3 did not sit for the Feb-2013 exam for various reasons.

Below is an update. I've heard from 6 of the above 7 who sat for the June 2013 CRNE. There is still one person who has not attempted the CRNE at all.
  • Amongst the 4 2nd timers, 3 passed, 1 failed.
  • Amongst the 2 1st timers, both failed.
End of report for those interested in statistical trends.


[Addendum on 20-Jul-2013]

All the 3 2nd timers who passed had really close to passing score (550), i.e. above 500, at their first attempt.

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