Monday, July 15, 2013

How to become a Live-in Caregiver

[DECLARATION and DISCLAIMER: The following is my personal opinion. I am not and have never been a Live-in Caregiver; nor am I in any way qualified to give advice on the matter. Thus any content from me shall be construed as a sharing of personal opinion, not advice. I do not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or usefulness of any information provided by me. Under no circumstances will I or anyone related to this content be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from any reliance on the information or other content posted or linked by me.]

In an earlier post "IEN dreams of migrating to Vancouver" I wrote:
I have met other IENs whose ultimate goal was to obtain Canadian residency/citizenship status. A few did it by the long, slow, arduous route of first becoming a live-in caregiver, spend a couple of years to get their Canadian residency status approved while planning their return to nursing. The con is that they lose their skills during the long process, but the pro is that it is a stable route for those with limited finances and are willing take a long-haul view.
Yesterday, an IEN asked me how to find a "live-in caregiver" job. There's Professor Google to the rescue. 
  • Google for "craigslist live in caregiver vancouver" turns up the following link (amongst others)
  • Google for "live in caregiver vancouver" turns up links to and (amongst others)
As usual, I suggest that readers take time to find out for themselves about policies governing the employment of Live-in Caregivers. Do not rely on hearsay, check out the official information which are available from various government-related websites online. [Note: Click here for an old blog post with some of these links.]

In addition, I believe it would be useful to get the following certifications make your application stronger.
Hope the above will be useful for those aspiring Canadians-to-be with a limited budget.


p.s. I know that major "maid-for-export" countries, such as the Philippines, have job agents that can help the aspiring immigrant secure such jobs even before leaving their respective countries of origin. However, the job applicants should always bear in mind that there may be differences in employment laws between Canada and their respective country of origin. Be aware of your employment rights as a Live-in Caregiver, be wary of unscrupulous job agents, do not be conned/intimated into becoming a victim.

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