Sunday, July 14, 2013

GNIE: RN job search - Update 5

Since my previous update on May 24th 2013, today's status based on the grapevine is as follow: Of our cohort of 29 GNIE graduates who passed the CRNE (i.e. eligible for full practicing licence with the CRNBC), 20 (or 69%) have found Registered Nurse jobs.

Most of us hold several jobs - a mix of casual and other positions. We are distributed amongst the following:
  • Private hospital acute care (mostly elective-surgery related) - Regular full-time and casual positions
  • Public hospital acute care - Casual positions. There are about a handful of us with these positions now.
  • Residential care - Temporary full-time and casual positions
  • Home nursing - Permanent part-time and casual positions
  • Agency nurse (sent to acute, residential, home, etc positions) - Casual positions
  • Education (e.g. clinical instructors for Care Aides) - Casual position
  • The above data is amongst those that we know/hear from.
  • Of those who have yet to find a job, 3 have just passed the June 2013 CRNE.
  • There are a few who are not actively looking for RN jobs due to various personal reasons.

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