Saturday, August 17, 2013

2 ships passing in the night

Recent events make me wonder about life -- the unpredictability of who will stay and who will move on in one's life. Sometimes we put in so much effort into a relationship, only to end up being "Two Ships Passing In The Night". Sometimes, unexpectedly those whom we thought may at best be a passing fancy/acquaintance, end-up staying for life. Such is the unpredictability and frailty of human relationships.

For the "friends" who turn out to be ships passing in the night, I guess it's best to just let them go, despite one's disappointment of having "wasted one's time and effort" investing into the relationship. To paraphrase the investment advice "no point throwing good money after bad money", it is the same with relationships, "no point throwing good time/effort after bad time/effort". [Click here for a succinct blog entry by another Singaporean about the importance of honour and trust.]

For the "passing ships" who return to dock and keep in touch, to count one's blessings that one has such friends who willingly reaches out time-and-again. I am blessed indeed to have such friends.

In love, it's the same. Mr SMS emailed me birthday wishes this year. So ironic that he would be investing effort into the relationship when it is over. I am really glad that my new guy is committed/invested into building in our relationship right from the start.


Two Ships Passing In The Night
by Gulliver Gimble
[Extracted from Poem Hunter]

I have seen this wooden mast before. 
Flowing blue sails on silent winds. 
You are not welcome here anymore. 
Once you were my only friend. 

There is no place for you to dock. 
You bring angry seas and salty veins. 
Solid anchors like solid rocks. 
Wilted growth on harvest grains. 

You come silently and without cause. 
Knowing that you come for me. 
Out of the mist you start to pause. 
You know I am no longer free. 

The storms rage and swell the boards. 
Barnacles are never loosely cleaned. 
Until this ship reaches its shores. 
You will never let me be. 

I watch as you steadily sail right by. 
Two ships passing in the night. 
Your melancholy bellows catch my eye. 
Only darkness without light.. 
Two ships passing in the night.

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