Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Have not been blogging recently. Not much of a mood for it. I spent the Singapore National Day working and only realized that it was Singapore's National Day when I was documenting my nursing notes and found the date so familiar.

Anyway, at first I thought my lack of motivation to blog was because I was too busy; juggling work and a still budding relationship. Then I noticed that I have been feeling glum and not my usual "let's get up and at it" self more often. Where being "in-transition" carried hope previously, it now comes across as yet another "so near yet so far" endless treadmill. It became obvious this week when even my verbalization carries more negativity than positivity.

I'll probably take a short break and return when I feel better. Need to make time for myself and attend to my needs. I have so much that I want to share about -- especially nursing job search in Greater Vancouver, but really being in the wrong mood means that the words may well form into a crappy article, so I'll wait it out.

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