Sunday, August 09, 2009

Fun day at work

Had a good time at work today. The ward manager left work after the afternoon report handover. SN J was in-charge, I was taking the back team (7 patients, including 1 night discharge) and SEN L was taking the front team (4 patients), with 1 runner SEN MY. The mood was casual and the ward was rather peaceful. Perhaps most patients' parents were distracted by the National Day Parade broadcast. We, the nurses, had time to chat and joke amongst ourselves. SN J helped me with 1 night discharge. From around 5 pm onwards, SEN MY was somewhat whiny about her workload as the sole runner, even though SEN L and I helped with the call bells. Anyway, at the end of the shift, all of us left on time happily.

:-) Interestingly, I was the only Singapore citizen on-duty at my ward during that shift.

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