Sunday, August 30, 2009

Karaoke, 3 women, 3 broken hearts

Went karaoke with my friends M and L recently. There we were, 3 women, 3 broken hearts.

M is separated from her husband whom she married in her youth. Now in her 30's, she is rebuilding her love life. However, she has not been lucky in love as yet. Men aplenty, just not the right type. She attributes it to her sub-consciously being not ready because her divorce is not finalized yet.

I wasted 7 years of my youth on each of 2 love. Am heading towards my 40's and giving up hope on building my own family from love. Perhaps if I had been more interested in the "Mills & Boons" romance paperbacks that captured the hearts of my schoolmates in my youth, I would be better prepared at the game of romantic love. However, I was bored even before I hit page 2 of the first "highly recommended" paperback that I had picked up. Being a straightforward person, I found (and still find) the dithering between "He loves me, he loves me not" a waste of time.

L is also in her 30's. She had known that she is a lesbian since she was a teen. Heterosexuals like M and I have problems looking for long-term love in Singapore. L has an even harder time given that LGBTs are often viewed with prejudice in Singapore society. To make things worse, the government policies (e.g. education and media censorship) actually reinforce these prejudicial views. This is sometimes due to the vocal politicking by the minority groups of radical evangelistic Christians.

On a personal level, I decided to be contented with the pure, innocent and sincere love I encounter daily at work. The love of children.

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