Sunday, August 09, 2009

Migration thoughts on National Day

When I was in my twenties, I could not have imagined myself thinking and feeling the way I do today.
"I am happy to be filling in documents for migrating to country X on Singapore's National Day. The Singapore that I grew-up in and dreamed-of no longer exists. I have to make that leap for my long-term welfare, especially for my golden years. I am happy to be quitting Singapore."
Here is a blog entry by Lucky Singaporean that expressed very well my sentiments about being a Singapore citizen.


[Addendum: 23-Aug-2010]

I sent in my application in November 2006. In those days, one fills up a simple summarised form at the initial application and then wait until one's form reaches the front of the queue. Then, and only then (approximately 2-4 years down the road), will one need to furnish the complete set of application forms and supporting documents.

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