Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Loss of appetite

As mentioned before, I lost my appetite since Monday 08-Feb-2010 evening. Here's what I ate from Monday evening onwards.

Monday evening: Instead of a proper dinner, I had some clear fluids (juices, sports mineral water) and a cup of milo.

Tuesday: Besides clear fluids, I could only eat 1 slice of plain bread with a packet of milo.

Wednesday: Besides clear fluids, I managed to eat 1.5 muffins and an egg love-letter roll.

In addition, the dusty environment at work had triggered a runny nose, an itchy throat, cough and flu-like symptoms. I was somewhat worried by Tuesday night, because early symptoms I previously had of pneumonia was a week-long lost of appetite and flu-like symptoms. To assuage my concerns, I went to the hospital's A&E after my shift ended on Tuesday evening. The A&E doctor assured me that my lungs are clear and sent me home with some prescriptions.

As it turns out, I am not the only one suffering from the dust caused by our workplace renovations. On Tuesday, SEN MY was sick on MC [medical certificate in support of sick leave] for cold. Today, senior SN Y was coughing on-and-off and notably clearing her throat. Senior SN Y remarked that she associated her condition with the workplace renovations.



Thursday 11-Feb-2010: Started off well with 1 cup of miso, half a muffin, and a bottle of Yakult. Had to rush from TTSH to my hospital for the afternoon shift, and thus skipped lunch. Took over from SN J from the morning shift who practically left all orders from 1pm onwards undone [our shift ends at 2:30pm]. Thus my workday started out with several simultaneous urgent issues and the pace did not settle until 6:30pm, but picked up again at 7pm till the end of shift. Thus, I only had a chance to drink some water and eat an apricot-custard bun after work. Total intake was Poor to Fair. My throat is getting scratchy and my voice sexily hoarse. :-P

Friday 12-Feb-2010: Drank a pack of milo and ate a small red bean bun for breakfast. Snacked on 2 Chinese New Year pineapple tarts. Had a bowl of creamy of broccoli soup and 3/4 of an egg-mayonnaise sandwich for lunch. Finished the remaining 1/4 sandwich at dinner. Also managed to drink and retain lots of fluids. Although my running nose is still on a marathon, I am glad that my GIT (gastro-intestinal track) is recovering. Yeah!

Wednesday 17-Feb-2010: It is only today, after more than a week, that my voice returned, my nose stopped running and I am able to eat almost the normal amount for lunch and dinner. However, there is still the occasional mucus and phlegm in my nose and throat.

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