Sunday, February 21, 2010

One more friend in Canada

Just received news from a friend and ex-classmate. She is already in Canada!

She had mentioned to me earlier this year when she received her COPR (confirmation of PR) that she would be breaking her bond and leaving for Canada. I didn't realise then that she meant with immediate effect. She has her reasons. Her previous nursing environment was a contributing factor.

For me, my days are still of ups-and-downs. Today was a pretty good day though, 5 patients in each team. All 4 afternoon staff had the chance to eat and chat over a quick dinner, which is rare and unlikely to happen if the ward manager was in-charge. SSN R told me about a high-calcium UHT milk item on sale, that today was last day of sale. At the end of the shift, I rushed home in time to buy the milk on sale, including orders on behalf of my night colleagues. That was fun! :-)

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