Friday, October 12, 2012

Fall comes quickly

Just 2 days ago on Wednesday, the sky is bright by 7am. Then yesterday the sky was still dark at 7:30am and only just about starting to light up. Today, the sky was getting dark by 6:30pm. Even the temperature has dipped; hitting teens in daytime and single-digit at night. Yesterday was foggy and today is rainy. It's the typical Vancouver rain, i.e. light showers by Singapore standards.

Today's weather reminds me of the time I "landed in Canada" 2 years ago. Grey and gloomy skies, perked up by the lovely fall colours of fiery red, ripe orange and golden yellow. It is surprising how hope shifts our perception. Despite the gloomy weather and hitting-the-wall time-and-again with each registration process, hope burning within makes me feel that "Everything is possible, every challenge has a solution -- it is only a matter of time".


We just finished another milestone for the GNIE nursing course today. Starting next week, we will transition to once weekly school lessons and preceptorship. I am lucky to have been assigned to a preceptor at a hospital near my home. So for once, I do not have to catch the 1st bus of the day to get to clinical on-time.

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