Friday, October 26, 2012

My 1st hockey game

On Wednesday, I went to watch the Vancouver Giants vs Brandon Wheat Kings at Pacific Coliseum with PY and her toddler. PY got the free tickets from a charity organization and decided to pull me along. It was the first time watching an ice hockey game "live" for the both of us.

Vancouver Giants vs Brandon Wheat Kings. 2nd goal by BWK.

The Vancouver Giants are the ones in red jerseys. The Brandon Wheat Kings are in yellow-and-white jerseys. The umpires are in vertical black-and-white striped jerseys.

In the video above, you may hear cheering and then "Oh, shit!" That was me, I was cheering because I was happy to capture a goal in the video. But then I realized that the goal was against the Vancouver Giants -- the team that we were supposed to be rooting for since we're from Metro Vancouver. And thus the "Oh, shit!"

Hockey is a big thing amongst many Vancouverites. As you can see from the video below, their children are inducted to the game at an early age. There are freebies, lucky draws, cheerleaders (complete with pom-poms), concession food and drinks (including non-alcoholic section in the arena seats) -- all in, a very healthy family entertainment if not for the "body checks" (i.e. uncalled for violence between players).

Kids Hockey. Remote-controlled blimp dropping gifts.

The final score was Vancouver Giants 2 vs Brandon Wheat Kings 3, with 29 and 28 attempts at goal from each side respectively.

The final score: Giants 2 vs BWK 3

I texted my Canadian-born friend RW about the match. Now that I have experienced it, I like watching ice hockey "live". It moves at a much faster pace and is therefore more exciting than baseball. I even prefer this over soccer (a.k.a. football) because the one-and-only "live" soccer match that I went to was so boring -- 2 groups of men jogging up-and-down the field, with one group making little/minimal attempt to score any goals. [Yeah, I suspect that particular soccer match may be "kelong" one.] RW agreed that we shall go watch an NHL (National Hockey League) match together when I get a RN (registered nurse) job with decent pay.

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