Friday, October 12, 2012

Lucky first attempts!

My sister emailed me the following today.

[Extracted from my sister's email]

[Edited URL]

Chanced upon this.  Looks like you have a high quality of life over at Vancouver... Good!


I have forgotten about my poetry submissions. I submitted 2 entries -- one is amongst those that earned an "Honourable Mention". What a nice surprise, given that this is my first attempt at that genre of poetry.

As luck would have it, the theatrical play that was my first attempt at co-creating and acting in Canada (back in 2011) was nominated for a theatrical award this summer -- albeit the award category was not related to my direct efforts. [Note: I attended the award ceremony back in June this year.]

I think I am getting the beginner's luck once again here in Metro Vancouver. I'm so happy just thinking about my lucky first attempts!


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    1. Hi Asingaporeanson,

      Thanks for visiting and your compliment! IMHO, talent is nothing without a bit of luck.

      E.g. Once as a child, I painted IMHO and those of the people around me) a really nice pastel painting during a school excursion to the Japanese Garden, Singapore. People said that I would surely win (something) in the art competition. The teacher rushed us to move on, so everyone helped me to pack up. In the confusion, the next thing I know was that my art piece when missing. :( Such is life.

      So I have to thank Lady Luck for visiting me once again. :)

      Cheers, WD.

    2. My concept of Lady Luck differs. In your case, you have to be talented, prepared, and willing in order to get 'nice surprises' coming your way.

      Not everyone wins every time but you have to be in it - and be good enough (not necessarily the best) - to win it. In most instances, you will be largely the reason behind your achievements.