Saturday, June 20, 2009

Another day done

Took the team with the rooms far from the nursing station again today. Early in the afternoon, there were 2 new admissions, making a total of 9 patients. During report passing, several IMRs for existing patients were missing as they were clipped to the case notes for doctors' rounds. Thus I could not complete my medications to-do list in advance.

The 2 new admissions were mainly handled by my preceptor and the SENs. Although SEN L was assigned to another team, she helped me out with the pharmacy billings and getting ward-stock for new cases, when she saw that I was floored by the returned "missing" IMRs and those of the new cases. At one stage, even SN O who was taking the other team, came to my side of the ward to help answer call-bells. Then SEN MY who was reputed to care only for her own tasks, surprisingly offered to help flush IV cannula after antibiotics. My preceptor did the billings and the handover report. Near the end of the shift, my preceptor joked that with 4 people helping me, I will have support whichever direction I fall. Thank goodness for their help.

My colleagues kept reminding me to take my dinner break. I managed to take a 15 min dinner break today. :-) Yes, I managed to cover all the medications on time too!

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