Monday, June 29, 2009

Relaxing day

Took the team with the rooms near the nursing station today. Started with 4 patients, of which 1 discharged by late afternoon. Managed to prepare the medications to-do list before taking report.

2 SN (L and I), 1 HCA M as runner and my preceptor as in-charge. There were a total of 11 patients at the start of the shift. Today was a breeze. Had time to check through the pharmacy billings by the morning staff, update the ward billings along the way, serve medications on-time, answer call-bells, answer phone calls to the ward, review case notes, document events into nursing notes, assisted with an IV cannulation, top-up supplies in the treatment room and medication trolleys, help to serve dinner, and monitor some vital signs. I off-ed some hourly monitoring as soon as possible to cut down the sole runner's workload. By 8:40pm, I completed the flow charts and taped my team's report. While the night shift staff were taking report, a new case came and I handled the admission assessment.

At one time, my preceptor, SN L and I chatted at the treatment room as we made custom splints for infant use. Then a doctor arrived to review his patient. Although the doctor's patient was under my team's care, I did not move as I did not recognise him. Thus SN L stepped forward to assist the doctor instead. One of my areas for improvement is to recognise the regular consulting doctors.

Had time for tea, toilet and dinner break. HCA M shared some snacks from Australia as she had visitors arriving from there. SN L, HCA M and I are on-duty together again tomorrow morning. The ward manager will be in-charge. SN L and HCA M are genuinely helpful and supportive. Glad to be working with them. I am also thankful for the support and supervision from my preceptor.

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