Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Getting started

I was getting used to my idlic lifestyle. Then 2 weeks ago, my course manager informed me that I will be able to graduate together with my classmates despite the delay in my completion. That kicked-off a series of events which led to my starting work this week.

On the 1st day, after spending half the morning at HR, I returned to my ward. With a new hair cut, new uniform colour and wearing a surgical mask, some of my colleagues mistook me as a Staff Nurse from another ward. E.g. HCA M said, "Yes, can I help you Staff Nurse?" We had good laughs over it.

On the 2nd day (1st full shift), I realised the almost 2 months break made me somewhat rusty already. E.g. One doctor wrote "FBC CM". I was looking for the investigation test represented by the short-hand "CM". After a while of fruitless search, I gave up and asked my in-charge SN J. She replied, "FBC CM."
"What test is CM?"
"FBC coming morning!"
And we had another round of laughs.

Don't know yet if I will make it as a staff nurse, but am sure glad that my colleagues are supporting me on my learning curve.

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