Friday, June 26, 2009


Today I am the runner for both teams 1 and 2. Started with 12 patients. There were 2 new admissions, 1 arrived early afternoon, the other late afternoon. Added to that, 1 case transferred-in early afternoon and was discharged by mid-afternoon. Of these, there were 2 elderly "risk for fall" adult females (in 4-bedded), and 2 adult males in a double room. Of the paediatric cases, there were 5 isolation cases, of which 2 required gowns, gloves, and mask.

Limited staffing today. Only 3 SN (L, O, and I) and my preceptor in-charge. Thus I was the only runner (literally) for the whole ward of about 14-15 patients. Managed to serve tea and dinner, complete the outstanding meal orders, monitor the 4-hourly vital signs, chart and sum the intake-output, monitor some patients hourly (off 1 case that was no longer critical), enter a couple of ward billings and attend to some call bells. Had to spend a lot of time assisting a risk for fall case to toilet, urine collection and body sponging. In the end, SN L and O had to cover some of the hourly monitoring entries, call bells, etc.

Glad that the day is done. Fortunately I managed to have tea, dinner and even 1 toilet break (towards the end of the shift). I am so physically exhausted. Luckily I turned down the request to do double-shift tomorrow. I need the extra sleep-in tomorrow morning to recover from today's busy shift.

p.s. The housekeepers mentioned today that they like having me around, because I would still be cheerful when the ward goes crazy-busy.

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