Thursday, June 18, 2009


Still struggling today. Under my care: started with 9 patients, then 2 discharges, and 4 admissions. Would be full-house if not for 1 double room converted to single. Only 1 SEN on the team, but L is a very capable lady. Managed to give all medicines on time, so there's a bit of improvement today. However, relied heavily on my preceptor and colleagues' support for the other matters, e.g. discharges, admissions, doctors' rounds, pharmacy charges, billing, etc.

My beginner's jitters is still there and is slowly creeping up on me. I have to remind myself that I am still on L-plate.

p.s. I still did not have time for any tea, toilet or lunch break. I am thankful that today the housekeeper helped me to pack lunch, which I ate at 3:30pm (1 hour after my shift officially ends).

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