Wednesday, November 03, 2010

1st rejection email

I got my first rejection email from my job applications today. It was for an RN position. Obviously I didn't expect to land it since I do not have the local RN certification yet. But still, to be totally honest with myself, I was a bit disappointed.

Add to that, I submitted a job application for a part-time cleaner* position via a settlement service agency. I edited my resume and cover letter, as previously advised by job agent S, careful to exclude any mention of my IT experience and qualifications. But I left my RN experience on my application. I described it as I "have experience in handling human waste" and felt that my nursing experience should prove that I'm not afraid of "dirty" work.

Job agent S returned my application today. He suggested that I drop the RN qualifications because I would be deemed as overqualified. I found this suggestion acceptable. However, I disagreed with his other suggestion to write that I "worked as a cleaner in a hospital". IMHO, there's omitting "irrelevant" facts, and there's outright lying. I drew my line there. I felt that S being an immigrant himself for only a few years, was viewing my application from his Asian perspective. Thus, I felt frustrated as I cannot submit my application direct to the employer because the job posting specified to go through that settlement service agency. [Note: I have checked the company's website for openings, the cleaner position is not listed.**] And I am blocked... by this job agent whom I am currently "assigned to" from this largest settlement service agency in BC. While I understand the good intents of job agent S -- to guide me to get a job ASAP -- I don't feel that we are a good client-agent match.

I took a break from job application and cheered myself up. Then a friend called me about a reading I had done for her recently, and she cheered me up. Later, another friend CS, who migrated from Hong Kong to Canada 18 years ago, discussed with me her perspective. I am glad that she too would draw the line on writing "worked as a cleaner in a hospital".

My 2 cents.
  1. Some may view being a cleaner as a lowly job that anyone can do and therefore can successfully lie about it. It actually requires very specific knowledge and skills. I used to chat with my housekeeping colleagues and I respect their knowledge and skills in the cleaning domain. IMHO, it is as dignified a job as any.
  2. I do not wish to lie outright for a job. I think it degrades the job and myself.
* Note: I was and still am inspired by Singapore Serf's blog adventure of migration and integration.
** Note: Just as well, because I found other positions listed there that I can apply for.

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