Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Canadian work culture

Last week, I started my first Canadian job.

I like the fun work environment. Colleagues here are supportive. On my first day, the assistant manager took the time to explain my job tasks to me and asked how I was doing, if I was ok, if I had any questions, every now and then. Even on subsequent days, the senior-staff and/or managers would come round to offer support to all the new staff. In addition, the manager-on-duty really respects break times. He/she made sure everyone got their breaks for an 8 hour shift. At the end of each shift, staffing level is such that staff get to leave their positions on-time, i.e. no extra 5min, 10min, etc.


On Saturday afternoon, I received a call asking if I would like to work for 4 hours on Sunday. It was so respectfully done, the assistant manager (AM) put it across as a request.

AM: "Would you like to work on tomorrow?"
Me: "I have appointments on Sunday already."
AM: "How about in the evening, say 5pm-9pm?"
Me: "Hmm, I can re-arrange my appointment for it."
AM: "So to clarify. Would you like me to schedule you on Sunday evening or would you like me to call another person?"
Me: "Okay, I will come on Sunday 5pm. See you then!"

This is so different from my experience in Singapore. Click here for a sample of call-back in Singapore.


On Sunday evening, I worked on the closing shift. The store was tidied up by 8:45pm. Since there was else nothing to be done, the store manager gave us the go-ahead to leave earlier; 15min before the end of our shift.


I really like this workplace. I am tempted to stay if I can somehow have another source of Canadian income to make enough for my living expenses and future plans.

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