Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Starting Canadian Experience soon

Went to a toy store for a walk-in interview on Monday. Luckily for me, both interviewers acknowledged my transferable skills given my background in paediatric nursing, and they were friendly and supportive. On Tuesday evening, I got a phone call that I got the job. Although it's only for the Christmas/Year-End season and the pay is considered "low", I'm glad I got the job because it will start my "Canadian Experience" on my resume. Plus, hopefully this local exposure to children will be give me an edge when I return to Paediatric Nursing.

Which brings me to the CRNBC IEN SEC (Internationally Educated Nurses' Substantially Equivalent Competency) assessment. Silly me! I should be used the Canadian "turnaround" time by now and request for a scheduled test date earlier. When I applied today, the response* was the assessment slots are fully booked until mid-January 2011. Thus, I am requesting for a end-January 2011 test date instead. My guess is that I would be done with the seasonal job by then.

*p.s. I am rather impressed by the immediate response that I received from my nursing school on the matter.

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