Monday, November 08, 2010

Week 5 - The Week of Nothing

Not much done last week.

Had a quick chat with SL today. We both came to the conclusion that we are too focused on getting a job and integrating into the local society here, that we have forgotten to just go-with-the-flow and have some fun. Interestingly, we came to the same conclusion independently despite having different and mostly separate activities while here. Then we laughed, "Perhaps it's the norm for a new migrant? That we will come to this conclusion after 5 weeks?"

Vancouver is like London, one can live the high-life or the budget-life, both ways are still comfortable. Currently, I have applied to volunteer with an organization and also to join another social club. Pending their answer. It would be a good step to meet diverse people with similar interests.


Met a new friend over the weekend. It's nice to meet people who are not bitter* about Singapore after leaving it. This friend's theory is that it is usually the men who get hung up about Singapore even after leaving it. The women vote with their feet and get on with their lives. Hmm, maybe he is right?

* It's a nice reminder to myself to let go of any "baggage". :-)

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