Thursday, April 19, 2012

Blog auto-deleted?

Just a moment ago, I entered this blog's url and I got a small shocked when "Blog is deleted" appeared. Apparently my blog was auto-deleted by Blogger "for unusual activity" and needed my Canadian phone number for verification. Hmm, I wonder why.

I managed to login to my Dashboard and revived my blog. Then I checked my "Stats" and "Comments". Nothing unusual found. Except that I've been getting some hits from a strange server.

From the URL nomenclature norms, it looks like an in-house server (possibly related to Blogger), and from the "Stats - Audience" page I deduced that the server is based in Russia. [WARNING: Do NOT do what I did here!!!] If one types in the above URL, one will get the "404 Not Found" error message, i.e. the landing page (a.k.a. "homepage") for this server is not set-up but the server exists.

[WARNING: Do NOT do what I did here!!!] If one enters http://www(dot)savegco-antivir(dot)com (i.e. drop-off the secure communication pathway)
One would find that this domain name does not exist and/or there is no server for it.

Has anyone experienced this before?


[Addendum 20-Apr-2012]

See comment from CK below. Quote from StramaXon to beware of this and several related sites:
"the site is an spam site and contains Malicious viruses"


  1. That's weird.
    I'm receiving some hits from this address, and as I found it suspicious, I googled for it first instead of accessing it. Apparently I did the right thing!