Thursday, April 19, 2012

GNIE: Oh happy day too!

Just finished all final exams for GNIE semester 1 today.

I am very happy. I am happy with my grades. More importantly, it seems like everyone in my class passed our medical clinical posting and both our graded exams. My usual hang-out group was especially happy because we calculated that AP passed the module that she was at-risk of failing. [It was a computerized test, so we got our marks immediately after completing the exam.] AP was so dazed and happy about it that she kept asking, "I passed?!?"

One of my Korean classmates texted me,
"Hi [name], Have a great break and see you next semester!! Thanks for everything."
This classmate had a decade of experience in a specialized area of nursing and was thus rather apprehensive of the medical clinical posting since she felt that she was out-of-touch with acute ward nursing. Fortunately, my clinical days were Wednesdays and Thursdays, and hers Fridays and Saturdays at the same ward. Thus, at the end of my weekly clinical, we would discuss what would be good patients for her to ask for assignments and issues to look out for. Similarly, she would update me with news (or gossips) from the ward regarding my clinical group.

That is what I like about my GNIE class. We are mutually supportive as we head towards our common goal -- to be a Registered Nurse in B.C., Canada.

"See you next semester!", we kept repeating as we hugged each other good-bye for now and wished each other a good vacation. Yes, we are all happy that everyone will come together again in semester 2. There is "no man left behind" indeed.

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