Friday, April 13, 2012

Motorbike ride

Yesterday, a friend came by on his way back to Vancouver from USA and offered me a ride on his motorbike. We rode around the neighbourhood. Sun, wind, freedom! Fabulous!

I had previously rode as a pillion rider in both Ho Chih Ming City and Ha Noi (Vietnam) in 2006. It wasn't so fun. We were paying our drivers to get us to our nearby tourist destinations as quickly as possible, but the traffic was rather slow because of the crowded roads.

[Addendum on 15-Apr-2012] I remember as a child, my siblings and I would be the "goods" on the back of my dad's Nissan pickup truck. We would watch the night sky, street lights and wind gushing past us as we travelled home from weekend visits to our grandparents'.

After yesterday's ride, I think I'll add "getting a motorbike licence" onto my bucket list.

Had a happy Friday 13th today. Finally got my lazy ass to download and organize some GNIE course contents.

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